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Monday, 21 June 2010

Re- focus, get back in line..

I think that everybody has moments where they decide that whatever cause they are following, just isnt worth persuing anymore and they just slump back into their old life style feeling ever so defeated, and punishing them selves with the worst of the sins that they tried so very hard to eradicate from their lives in the first place.

I had that moment this weekend gone. Despite all my efforts to punish myself with liquid meal replacements and runs around the neighbourhood every night, I just suddenly felt the most uncontrollable desire to not banish all my favourite foods from my diet. I didn't go over the top, I probably had a lot less than I normally would but it made me feel so defeated. So treacherously betrayful to my own new set of rules.

However this is a new week and a new clean slate. I will re - focus all my attention to bringing myself back in line and working that extra bit harder to reach that goal that just lingers beyond my reach, but is not too far to get to. I will not give up, I will not let myself get demotivated, I will fight on and hopefully in the end I will succeed. 'Persevere' I say to myself constantly, 'don't let a few trips and falls deter you from that prize, that trophy that you have yearned for so many years' Keep going lad, keep going....

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