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Monday, 14 June 2010

Motivation is the key to success in life, if you pre determine a set standard for yourself based on age old cultural generalisations (such as weight beyond a certain age is normal), then you have already failed and this attitude will be passed on to your children.
Motivation is based on goals that you would like to achieve.
Determination is your self belief that these goals are reachable and attainable,
Self control is the harnessing tool that steers you towards that goal and thus helps you expose and avoid the barriers.
Perseverance is what keeps the vision of that goal before you like a rabbit to a grey hound despite the set backs.
Success is not just reaching that goal but taming that wild horse and riding it for miles on end.
To want to look a certain way is not plain vanity but a target to fine tune all the above elements in every aspect of life, be it career or personal goals. The path of life is not a narrow alley with shards of glass on both sides, it is an open field leading to many great things, and you can explore as many of those paths as you want if you choose to. See with your eyes as if they were binoculars and not like a short sighted individual who has lost his glasses. Accepting a way of life that hasn't even happened yet is the first step toward self denial, it signifies;
Low self esteem
Lack of self respect
lack of ambition
A waste of potentialIf you think the above advise is Bullsh*t, then you have resigned yourself to achieving only the basic and fundamental goals in life and nothing beyond unless it finds you by chance.

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