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Friday, 25 June 2010

How Much longer?

This week is over. I feel like I have been on this diet forever and not seeing results. I know that I am not doing enough to succeed. I tend to do one or the other, either diet or exercise, never together, which I know is the wrong way to go about it just I don't seem to make the time. It's not about not having the time, which seems to be the excuse i always use, it's about trying to prioritise what is important and focus on achieving it otherwise I will forever feel deflated by the lack of result.
How much do I really want this? and what lengths am I prepared to go to achieve it? are the questions I should put to myself.
Focus, just like 'Rocky' when he knew that if he didn't prepare himself to the absolute pinnacle of what he as a physical being was capable of achieving, then 'Ivan Drago' would demolish him and leave him for dead like he did to Apollo Creed.
He focused every ounce of energy, every breath, every beating heartbeat to mould his body into the ultimate punchbag and thus psych out the towering Russian ego head.
It worked, and although it was just a film - it had the motivational impact that all of us need to strive towards our goals.
Stick with it - be brave, be focused.

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