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Friday, 25 June 2010

How Much longer?

This week is over. I feel like I have been on this diet forever and not seeing results. I know that I am not doing enough to succeed. I tend to do one or the other, either diet or exercise, never together, which I know is the wrong way to go about it just I don't seem to make the time. It's not about not having the time, which seems to be the excuse i always use, it's about trying to prioritise what is important and focus on achieving it otherwise I will forever feel deflated by the lack of result.
How much do I really want this? and what lengths am I prepared to go to achieve it? are the questions I should put to myself.
Focus, just like 'Rocky' when he knew that if he didn't prepare himself to the absolute pinnacle of what he as a physical being was capable of achieving, then 'Ivan Drago' would demolish him and leave him for dead like he did to Apollo Creed.
He focused every ounce of energy, every breath, every beating heartbeat to mould his body into the ultimate punchbag and thus psych out the towering Russian ego head.
It worked, and although it was just a film - it had the motivational impact that all of us need to strive towards our goals.
Stick with it - be brave, be focused.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It doesn't get any easier

Temptation has an evil existence, and it rears its ugly head much too often. Like when your boss orders £500 worth of food for the staff for the England match viewing. I guess the idea here is to not deny yourself every aspect of it but to eat a manageable portion, and burn it off later. Denial will amount to punishment and thats when you begin to lose faith in your cause.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Re- focus, get back in line..

I think that everybody has moments where they decide that whatever cause they are following, just isnt worth persuing anymore and they just slump back into their old life style feeling ever so defeated, and punishing them selves with the worst of the sins that they tried so very hard to eradicate from their lives in the first place.

I had that moment this weekend gone. Despite all my efforts to punish myself with liquid meal replacements and runs around the neighbourhood every night, I just suddenly felt the most uncontrollable desire to not banish all my favourite foods from my diet. I didn't go over the top, I probably had a lot less than I normally would but it made me feel so defeated. So treacherously betrayful to my own new set of rules.

However this is a new week and a new clean slate. I will re - focus all my attention to bringing myself back in line and working that extra bit harder to reach that goal that just lingers beyond my reach, but is not too far to get to. I will not give up, I will not let myself get demotivated, I will fight on and hopefully in the end I will succeed. 'Persevere' I say to myself constantly, 'don't let a few trips and falls deter you from that prize, that trophy that you have yearned for so many years' Keep going lad, keep going....

Sunday, 20 June 2010

The weekend is a pitfall

I ruined it all, despite all my motivational rants i just kept breaking the rules all weekend. In the back of my mind i knew i was sinning against my own list of comandments but i just couldnt stop it. Kept telling myself that it was just the weekend, would make up for it in the week. Blasphemous!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The weekend

Taking it easy, normal breakfast, normal lunch, will just try to stay away from the junk.

Friday, 18 June 2010

wheres the motivation gone?

Starting to become demotivated, amazing how fast it can happen. Evan had a bag of quavers to drown the depression, but feel worse, is there a hole i can crawl in and hide? Perseverance seems like a swear word today.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Don't lose hope..

I find little progress. Not sure if that is the routine being used, or the last mile that seems the hardest. Nevertheless I will not let that deter me. The battle may be lost but not the war, forward and onwards. If I lose hope now then it is all over and all that I fought for the last month will be lost.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pushing yourself is a combination of mental and physical challenges, don't rely on just one or the other. Body and mind in balance is vital for success.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Strength of mind, and the will to persue your goals is what keeps you focused no matter how you stumble. Having set backs is a disheartening and demotivating factor that can make you feel like you you've just taken two steps back. However it takes a motivated person to brush off and move on and still try to reach that goal post.

What ever you're doing, trying to lose weight, studying for an exam, preparing for a company presentation, the principle is still the same.

I'm trying to shed a few pounds at the moment, and I admit the temptation to scoff food (especially scrumptious flirty food) when your belly is doing summersaults and lunch time is a long way away and all you've got to look forward to is a liquid meal replacement and a pot of yoghert, it's hard, it's frustrating, it's not nice.
I've heard a lot of talk about how diets should be fun or else they fail, advisors try to give you ideas about different foods and variety and a whole other load of stuff but I tell you, despite it all there is no joy in depriving yourself, especially when you are trying to break years of habit.
Here however is the key word.. 'Habit'
You gain habits, you break them and you make new ones.
Imagine a new recruit in the army, they have to shed every way of life that they know and recondition themselves to thinking, eating, living and being a fighting machine that is trained to kill if necessary. I know that that is a bit extreme compared to a simple diet but again the principle is the same.
You destroy your old habits, stop all that sugar, the treats that seems plenty and often, the desire to refill your plate or finish other peoples, the idea of diet break days where you eat what you can, cut the fizzy drinks and chocolate and crisps. It's hard, but only because a part of you doesn't want to change.
You know how it tastes, you like it, you know it's bad for you but still you want it. Thats the bad little gremlin on your shoulder tempting you. Tell him to do one!
Build new habits, they will soon become your way of life. You will no longer feel bad and accuse yourself of torture and denial.
Persevere... It will lead to success!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Motivation is the key to success in life, if you pre determine a set standard for yourself based on age old cultural generalisations (such as weight beyond a certain age is normal), then you have already failed and this attitude will be passed on to your children.
Motivation is based on goals that you would like to achieve.
Determination is your self belief that these goals are reachable and attainable,
Self control is the harnessing tool that steers you towards that goal and thus helps you expose and avoid the barriers.
Perseverance is what keeps the vision of that goal before you like a rabbit to a grey hound despite the set backs.
Success is not just reaching that goal but taming that wild horse and riding it for miles on end.
To want to look a certain way is not plain vanity but a target to fine tune all the above elements in every aspect of life, be it career or personal goals. The path of life is not a narrow alley with shards of glass on both sides, it is an open field leading to many great things, and you can explore as many of those paths as you want if you choose to. See with your eyes as if they were binoculars and not like a short sighted individual who has lost his glasses. Accepting a way of life that hasn't even happened yet is the first step toward self denial, it signifies;
Low self esteem
Lack of self respect
lack of ambition
A waste of potentialIf you think the above advise is Bullsh*t, then you have resigned yourself to achieving only the basic and fundamental goals in life and nothing beyond unless it finds you by chance.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Welcome to my blogg

Hi there,
At this point not quite sure what direction this will take but I do have some creative ideas, and hope to share them. I don't really see this blogg as dedicated to a particular theme, but instead an exploration of the means and ways of overcoming day to day trials and tribulations that hamper your efforts to reach the simplest of every day goals. I'm no expert, in fact I'm rubbish at reaching goals, but hopfully I can share my successes and failures and maybe learn from them.