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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

So the race begins..

New Year, new resolutions, but will they succeed?,
I guess that depends on the level of commitment, which is a funny word because it carries no sticky substance (the foundation that ensures great bonding). An attractive proposition that we have no loyalty to.
Try we must though, otherwise there is no purpose in aiming to succeed.
Grab that word commitment and harness yourself to it as if it were a rodeo ride and whatever you do, don't fall off.
Yes I know easier said than done, everybody falls off a rodeo horse!, but with practice comes perfection and we mustn't forget that other key word.. persevere..

Friday, 17 December 2010

Grab that hope before it fades!

I haven't posted for a while but I defied the whole purpose of this blogg by not persevering.. I let it win and feel ashamed to admit it after all the determined attempts to keep the momentum going..
Never mind, a New Year, A new Beginning, there is still that hope of wiping the slate clean and telling myself that all is not lost, you will reach your goals if you realise that they are still within your grasp.
If you give up and submit completely then you really have betrayed yourself and those who had expectations from you, not that others should be the sole factor, your successes are your own greatest achievements and that should be a primary focal point in your forward thinking.
Be happy with yourself and that will inspire others to see positiveness.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

It's going to pot!!!

Not blogged in a while, but been struggling to maintain the standard and have been losing the battle and straying from the straight path. I think it all went down hill when I gave up the liquid diet.
Up to then I was strict, then I hit the cereal which was still better then regular food, and then this week I hit the regular food and with it lost the will to resist temptations.
Today alone I have had a months worth of junk crap, birthdays in the office along with exam passing celebrations, along with a left over buffet from a senior meeting, all piled into the office. It takes a very strong willed person to resist. My problem is that I didn't know when to stop, and to pick one item instead of two.

It's done now. I'm not bulimic so I ain't gonna puke it out. Just have to control from here on and burn some extra calories.

I made such positive progress and now I'm losing it and although it's scary and stressful I know that It's not too late to get back on the path.

I must read my old posts for inspiration. Eye of the Tiger! - Hit the one in the middle!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Keep up the spirits

I had one of those weekends that you know will go belly up in terms of your progress, before it's even begun. Admittedly I had a birthday party and a childrens one at that, full of sweets and cakes and food to make your mouth water. I decided to have an off day. No restrictions, I just went for it. Why stop half way. I'm off the liquid diet for now because I've been on it a month now and although it has given me satisfactory results, it's just getting boring chucking liquid down me twice a day. I may try the cereal diet next for a couple of weeks then move back onto liquid.
I realise that crash dieting is not good and promoting it is worse but I admit that for fast results it works, the big question for such crash dieters is 'can you maintain an element of control when you get off the crash diet highway?'
Admittedly you will gain pounds instantly when you hit real food but how much is up to you. If you stay away from the danger stuff like cakes, bicuts, sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, fast food, etc, you should be able to ride that horse at a steady pace and not fall off.

Friday, 2 July 2010

It gets harder every day

I try to maintain some sort of routine even when not at work, but it doesn't always go as planned. Therefore next week will try a new approach. I am still as determined to succeed in my mission but I guess getting impatient for results. In my frustration I can be susceptible to breaking some small rules (I never said this was easy or that I was faultless!)
I can see that the weekend will be hard. Maintain speed, even over bumpy ground.

Friday, 25 June 2010

How Much longer?

This week is over. I feel like I have been on this diet forever and not seeing results. I know that I am not doing enough to succeed. I tend to do one or the other, either diet or exercise, never together, which I know is the wrong way to go about it just I don't seem to make the time. It's not about not having the time, which seems to be the excuse i always use, it's about trying to prioritise what is important and focus on achieving it otherwise I will forever feel deflated by the lack of result.
How much do I really want this? and what lengths am I prepared to go to achieve it? are the questions I should put to myself.
Focus, just like 'Rocky' when he knew that if he didn't prepare himself to the absolute pinnacle of what he as a physical being was capable of achieving, then 'Ivan Drago' would demolish him and leave him for dead like he did to Apollo Creed.
He focused every ounce of energy, every breath, every beating heartbeat to mould his body into the ultimate punchbag and thus psych out the towering Russian ego head.
It worked, and although it was just a film - it had the motivational impact that all of us need to strive towards our goals.
Stick with it - be brave, be focused.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It doesn't get any easier

Temptation has an evil existence, and it rears its ugly head much too often. Like when your boss orders £500 worth of food for the staff for the England match viewing. I guess the idea here is to not deny yourself every aspect of it but to eat a manageable portion, and burn it off later. Denial will amount to punishment and thats when you begin to lose faith in your cause.