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Monday, 5 July 2010

Keep up the spirits

I had one of those weekends that you know will go belly up in terms of your progress, before it's even begun. Admittedly I had a birthday party and a childrens one at that, full of sweets and cakes and food to make your mouth water. I decided to have an off day. No restrictions, I just went for it. Why stop half way. I'm off the liquid diet for now because I've been on it a month now and although it has given me satisfactory results, it's just getting boring chucking liquid down me twice a day. I may try the cereal diet next for a couple of weeks then move back onto liquid.
I realise that crash dieting is not good and promoting it is worse but I admit that for fast results it works, the big question for such crash dieters is 'can you maintain an element of control when you get off the crash diet highway?'
Admittedly you will gain pounds instantly when you hit real food but how much is up to you. If you stay away from the danger stuff like cakes, bicuts, sweets, chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, fast food, etc, you should be able to ride that horse at a steady pace and not fall off.

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